The XTERRA Fitness ERG500 Air Rower is designed for fitness enthusiasts looking for a comprehensive rowing experience at home. This review delves into the ERG500’s features, build quality, performance and overall value.

Xterra Fitness Erg500 Air Rower

1. Design and Build Quality

Robust Frame and Construction

The ERG500 is built with a combination of alloy steel and aluminum, ensuring both durability and a lightweight feel. In fact, its dimensions (72″D x 19″W x 33″H) make it a substantial yet manageable piece of equipment for home use.

Space-Efficient and Portable

A key feature is its folding design, allowing for easy storage. This, along with built-in transportation wheels, enhances its appeal for those with limited space.

2. Performance and Resistance

Advanced Air Turbine Resistance

The ERG500 utilizes an innovative air turbine design, providing 8 resistance levels. Moreover, this system simulates the natural dynamics of rowing on water (offering users a realistic rowing experience).

Consistent and Adjustable Resistance

The resistance can be easily adjusted to cater to different fitness levels (allowing for both light and more challenging workouts).

3. Monitoring and Technology

Comprehensive Performance Monitor

The LCD performance monitor displays time, distance, strokes per minute, calorie count and more. Furthermore, it also includes a visual stroke display graphic (enabling users to track their progress effectively).

Heart Rate Monitoring Capability

While the rower is equipped with a heart rate receiver, it’s important to note that the chest strap is sold separately.

4. Comfort and Usability

Ergonomic Design

The ERG500 boasts a large, contoured seat and padded handle (ensuring comfort during prolonged sessions). Furthermore, its raised seat height facilitates easy mounting and dismounting.

User-Friendly Pedal Design

Adjustable flex pedals cater to different foot sizes, enhancing the rower’s accessibility and ensuring a secure fit during use.

5. Pros and Cons


• Realistic Rowing Experience: Air turbine design mimics actual rowing.
• Compact Storage: Easy folding mechanism for space efficiency.
• Sturdy Build: Durable materials ensure long-lasting use.
• Comfortable Use: Ergonomically designed for enhanced comfort.


• Additional Purchase for Heart Rate Monitoring: Requires separate chest strap purchase.
• Basic Display: Lacks advanced technological features like Bluetooth connectivity.



To conclude, the XTERRA Fitness ERG500 Air Rower is a well-crafted machine ideal for those seeking a realistic rowing experience at home. Its sturdy build, ergonomic design and innovative resistance mechanism make it a valuable addition to any home gym. While it offers basic technological features and a limited resistance range, its ease of use and comfort make it suitable for a wide range of users, from beginners to intermediate level rowers. The ERG500 is a solid choice for those prioritizing space efficiency, durability and the feel of actual rowing in their workout regimen!